Pro-tips / FAQ


    1. Use Threads (when busy or when quiet)
      • Start your own thread with :thread:
      • Use #pastebin for images in thread
    2. Wrap your code in 1x and 3x back-tick syntax
        • `your text` = Red highlighted single-line
        • ```your text``` = Grey highlighted multi-line
    3. Give points for helpful responses @name ++
      • You can give points in a thread
      • You can give multiple people points in a single comment
      • Fine print: @points_thing bot needs to be present in the channel
    4. Don’t ask if you can ask a question, just ask it.
    5. See if there is a #channel for your topic, experts like to hang in channels they are experts in
    6. If you have a code question, be prepared to share your code
    7.  Notifications
      • you can keywords to notify you in your slack preferences
      • you can mute channels you want access to, but dont need immediate Notifications
      • you can have separate desktop / mobile notifiations configs


  • If you have a money question, read your contract and talk to your sales person